Custom Worlds

Here are a list of Custom worlds that I have actually tried out. There are hundreds out there of course. I shall update as required. If you would like me to add yours to this list too, contact me. Thanks.

Myst by Me
          Myst (Updated) by Me
Pleasantview Krrank'd Up by Me
Port Jones (Map Only) by Me 
  1. Hammond Island by TVRdesigns
  2. Riverblossom Hills by Kiwi_tea
  3. Charlton Island by Armiel
  4. Los Aniegos by Coasterboi
  5. The Kingdom of Niua Simoa by Kiwi_tea
  6. Jericho by Simsample
  7. Union Cove Town by Carl's Sims 3 Forum
  8. Desert Mountains by Visty6
  9. Planet SR7 by Janas Creatives
  10. Green Dolphin Island by DeLouche
  11. Green Valley by Visty6
  12. Simta by Visty6
  13. Ziwa Bonde by Nilxis Designs


  1. Wow, that is a lot of worlds!

    1. lol...there are much more on the internet. But note that only Myst is be my humble self. Cheers

  2. Sunlit Tides Unpopulated......I find the map too large and it is my one and only favorite world.
    If anyone can take the CAW file and chop it into two islands for me. Or just drop a proverbial nuclear bomb on that mountain top robber lair thingy for me and just eradicate half of the island and make a nice dead end round about loop road .. Really I tried, I did.... took it into CAW and made a big mess. I had houses and trees hanging in mid air. I tried to block some roads with large rocks. It turned to a huge shambles.... My sims wanted to move to the city. ... I can send u the CAW file or you can get it here...

    email me ? Be4Sims@gmail dot com .