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This site was created to give free, simple to follow lessons on how to use CAW. It will NOT feature lessons that involve cracking open core game files. If it can be done with what EA provided, It will eventually show up here. I write lessons based on what I actually know and have tried personally, so I if I don't know it yet, it will not show up till I do. Please refer to the sims wiki for other in-depth tutorials especially those that involve hacking game files. Thank you.
  • This site is FREE and will remain FREE. All works and opinions are mine except where stated otherwise. I give credit to items which I have gotten from other sources. 
  • Please do not upload my creations on paysites 
  • Please do not claim my creations as yours
  • Please give credit if you use my creations.
  • If I have used anything of yours and have omitted to credit you, please let me know.
  • Have fun and play safe. It's just a game, don't take it personally.

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