Friday, 30 December 2011


So you have Planned, Sculpted and Designed. Now it is time to Beautify. I usually place objects before Terrain Painting but it's not a rule. You will switch between object placement and terrain painting as needed. So I'm going to use Lights as the example because all objects are placed the same way.

1. Earlier I explained that you must create layers BEFORE you start laying Anything on your world. If you skipped that section, read this chapter first.

2. Now you have your layers. Select the layer you want to work on and make it active. In my example below I am using the layer 'lights'. Next select the object you want to place from the Game objects list by double-clicking it.

3. Please make sure your grid is turned OFF before placing objects to avoid displacements. Just click where you want place the object and that's all there is to it. You may rotate the object before clicking it into place by holding the left-mouse button.
You can place multiple objects without re-selecting. Press ESC to stop. (NOTE that a funny thing happens when you do not stop with ESC. You may find several objects at the center of the map)           

4. On the particular case of placing lights. I like to switch to night time first before placement. This way I get to see the immediate effect.

5. You may move objects by selecting them and then clicking the Move Tool. Objects can be moved in 4 ways.
1. Up and Down - Green line
2. Side to side - Blue line
3. Front to back - Red line
4. Free - White spot

6. You may rotate objects by selecting them and then clicking the Rotate Tool. Objects can be rotated in 3 ways. 
1. On the Spot rotation - Green line (360 degrees) - fig. b
2.  Front/Back Tilt - Red line (360 degrees) - fig. c
3. left/Right Tilt - Blue line (360 degrees) - fig. d

7.  And that's all there is to it. Apply this technique to all objects. Although I will not advice you to manipulate spawners too much. More on that in another chapter.


  1. Ok So if it wasn't for your tutorials, I would have given up by now! I LIVE at this site the entire time I'm creating my world!
    I do have a question... there are objects in CAW that are specific to certain expansion packs, example: Bridgeport Buildings. I do not have ALL the expansion packs, like Adventures. What happens if I unknowingly add an object or feature that is directly related to an expansion pack I don't currently have?? Will it run? Please tell me I'm not wasting my time!!!

    1. Hello
      First of all thanks for being a loyal reader.
      Now to answer you question. I believe the CAW generates the metadata objects from the installed EPs and your Patch level. After some experimenting, I can tentatively say if you can see it in CAW, you can use it. If you are seeing LN metropolitan buildings, it must have been included in a patch. I don't have Showtime EP and Island Paradise, and I don't see any of their objects. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure my CAW is showing everything either.

      My professional advice, save your world and export a copy to test. Then you would definitely know for sure.

  2. Thank you for your response!
    The object that specifically came to mind was snow generator.. I don't have Seasons (yet) and that's what made me wonder. To be safe, I just skim over it in the objects menue.

    1. Hi,
      Yeah that's probably the safest thing to do. Good luck