Thursday, 5 January 2012


As I had explained in Chapter Five, placing objects is quite simple, but I thought I'd elaborate on a thing or two, or shall I say give some tips about where to place all these objects.


  • Create a separate Layer for trees for easy management and gameplay
  • Do not use ALL the types of trees. Go through the list and note down the ones you want to use. Five species max should do it. Why? Because you are not going to place all the trees in CAW. Remember you still have lots to create and decorate and these will also have trees.
  • Start with the out lying areas that are not lots and that cannot be edited in game. Fields, streets, farms, woods and so on.
  • Try to rotate each tree a little as you place them to create variety and to prevent having identical trees.
  • Some trees come in Large and Small sizes, so try switching between the two to create more variety
  • Choose trees based on the environment, is it tropical or desert, swampy or temperate. But really you can use whatever you is YOUR world.
  • You do not need trees EVERYWHERE, you can have plains and open fields, plus too many trees can cause lag in gameplay. Concentrate on placing them where you need them.
  • CAW clusters trees into groups when you save, but you can uncluster if you want to modify just one or two trees, or you may delete a whole group or cluster.
  • Create a separate layer for plants too
  • As with trees you do not need to put ALL the plants in CAW. Stick to the ones you need and place them in the areas that you cannot edit in game first
  • Remember to rotate each plant a little as you place for variety.
  • Placing plants requires a little attention to detail. It usually takes you testing out your world a few times before you become satisfied with your plant placements. This is mainly because plants being so small, are better appreciated in gameplay.
  • Start with bushes or long grasses like bulrush or swamp grass in those wild areas and open fields, river sides, lakes, and forests.
  • Make lavender fields and Sunflower fields. Put shrubbery on street corners with rocks for color and deco. 
  • Take your time. You can always add more if your want.
  • CAW also clusters plants when you save your world.
  • Rocks can fall under the same layer as Decorations. Odds are, you won't be using so many.
  • You should pick rocks that will compliment your terrain
  • Place where needed and try to rotate them to get different shapes.
  • Rocks can act as markers for your spawners like, bugs and metals, so that players know where to search.
  • Rocks can be used to decorate waterfalls, beaches, mines, ruins and gardens
  • Spawners should be placed everywhere and to support gameplay try to put ALL Base game spawners at least except the ones for World Adventures EP (these are optional). Create a layer for them
  •  Please turn OFF grid first, because this can cause your spawners to either go under-ground or float above ground.
  • Generally spawners are distinguished by commonality and rarity. So place many common spawners and fewer rare/special spawners.
  • Try to be strategic about where you place them so that they are challenging to find but not impossible. Spawners can be placed on lots using the buydebug cheat. So be sure to put things like deathfish in the cemetary and moths in old places.
  • Special spawners like moneytree and lifefruit seeds should also be placed in special areas of your map. Just keep the search fun and interesting
  • Place metals and meteor spawners near mines or Rocks or on the beach or in ruins or craters
  • Place butterflies by flower beds and beetles on grass or concrete. Place roaches near dumpsters and trash.
  • While creating lots you may place fruit trees and harvestable garden plants using the buydebug cheat too
  • Create a layer for effects.
  • Effects are those little extras like splashes, flying birds and waterfalls
  • Ocean waves and crashes go in the water. Just try to face them in the right direction
  • Use small splashes where you place you fish spawners to make them visible in game play  On second thoughts, not such a great idea. NO splashes. The fishes create their own splashes.
  • Waterfalls for waterfalls or river rapids, or a dam, or whatever you can come up with
  • flying birds and geese by beaches and in the hills or woods
  • Just use them where you need them


  1. Just discovered this tiptorial, saw there were no comments and I thought it was such a shame that no one has thanked you for this. I was just building my world, and putting spawners and effects and I was debating on what layers they should go under, found your post, and answer is solved. Definitely bookmarking this and coming back to your posts for future reference. Thank you again!

  2. This is an excellent tutorial and it will be used extensively in my world making. I have many of your turorials and find them very explanetory and easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Alyssa and Anonymous, you are both welcome :D

  4. Thanks heaps. I really wanted to know how to do effects. so thank you so much

    1. Thanks Anonymous for visiting. Glad to have been of service :)

    2. BUt how do you access theese things

    3. hi Kai, Please visit this link below on how to do just that. Good luck.

  5. hi, your blog is amazing! But I can place everything except spawners, they don't list for me, have you heard of that? Thanks!

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I can not help you with this issue because I haven't used CAW in ages. But you have probably solved this issue by now. Thanks for using this blog and you are welcome.